Valkyrie I

ARCED Alliance is proud to introduce our Infrared CVD Epitaxy Reactor, the Valkyrie I.


Based on industry proven Infrared heating technologies, many of ARCED Alliance Customers have inquired whether improvements and upgrades can be made on the current state of the art CVD Reactor technologies. The Valkyrie I is our answer to many of the shortcomings of existing CVD tools. The Valkyrie I is an evolutionary step to improve and update current CVD reactors while lowering operating costs and reducing the need of custom components. With software upgrades, reduction of large components to improving performance on consumables the Valkyrie I will be a welcomed addition to any fab.


Improvements Evolved:

MotorsIndexers Obsolete and CostlyReplaced with All Smart Motors
Elevator Seal
Main Seal has Problem Sealing Over TimeReplaced with Slit Transfer Valve Eliminating Power Cam
Gate ValveGenerates Particles & O-Ring CurlingReplace with Slit Transfer Valve
Wafer Out SensorPremature FaultingNew Robust Bracket Mounting & Keyence Sensor Upgrade
Wafer Present SensorTime Consuming, Down Time & Difficult to Adjust Reflectors on Outside Locations, Adjustable Micrometer & Keyence Sensor
Wafer At Gate Thru Beam Sensor
Premature FaultingReplaced with Keyence Thru Beam Sensor
H2 Detector SystemFaulting of H2 Board, Costly to ReplaceReplaced with Repeatable Reliable Off the Shelf Model
New Theta DriveFaulting & Difficult to AlignReplaced with Reed Switches
Lights and StartersCost/Labor to Maintain Bulbs & StartersReplace with LED Lighting
1 PSI Pressure Switch
ObsoleteReplaced with Off the Shelf Digital Switch
Vent/Valve Deposit GaugesDifficult to Read Gauge Set PointReplaced with Digital Pressure Gauge
InjectorsNot Serviceable and Very Expensive, Not linearNew Design; Serviceable, Less Components & Linear
Water Main/Choke ValveObsolete, Random Leaks, CorrosionReplaced with New Design Using all Stainless Steal
SCRObsolete 1980 Tech, Non-Linear, Time Consuming to CalibrateReplaced New Tech, Linear, No Calibration Needed
Expensive to Replace, Time Consuming to CalibrateSoftware Based, No Calibration Need
TC Transmitter CalibrationTime Consuming to Preform & DriftsNo Calibration Needed, Software Based Temp

Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications: 
DimensionsArea: 37.5 sqft (3.48s qm)
Width: 3.13 ft (95.4 cm)
Length: 12.5 ft (3.81 m)
Height: 6.86 ft (2.09 m)
Electrical480V, 3-Phase
125 Amps per Leg
      Power ConsumptionAverage: 45KW
Peak: 96KW
Reactor TypeSingle Wafer
ATM / RP - upon request
Wafer Sizes200mm Si Wafer
150mm Si Wafer
125mm Si Wafer
100mm Si Wafer
75mm Si Wafer
Growth Rate1-5 micron/min
Edge Exclusion5 micron
Transition PerformanceExcellent Junction Transition
Metals< 5E10 Atoms per sqcm
Semi Standards
(Na, Al, Cr, K, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, etc.)
Surface Characteristics
      Stacking FaultsNone
      Slip FreeYes, not including edge exclusion zone
(Substrate Dependent)
      Edge ChipsNone
      Back Side ContaminationNone
      Thickness (200mm Si Wafer)Approx. Wafers/Hour
            5 µm12.0
            20 µm  5.0
            60 µm  2.4
            100 µm  1.3
Atmospheric Pressure Process 
Within - Wafer
(9 Points)
Within Cassette
(Consecutive Runs of 25
Wafers Per Cassette Load,
All Wafers, All Points)
Thickness (1.0 to 100 µm)Typical: 1.00%
Minimum: 2.00%
Typical: 2.00%
Minimum: 4.00%
     0.01 to 3.0 Ohm-cmTypical: 2.00%
Minimum: 3.00%
Typical: 3.00%
Minimum: 5.00%
     3.0 to 30.0 Ohm-cmTypical: 4.00%
Minimum: 6.00%
Typical: 5.00%
Minimum: 8.00%
     0.3 µmTypical: < 10
Minimum: < 30
IntrinsicTypical: > 500
Valkyrie I