Leadership Team

ARCED Alliance’s management team has over 80 years of combined experience for engineering solutions.

Eric Monaco

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Manager, Technologist, Applications Engineer

MSE Electrical Systems

Eric is a Co-Founder at ARCED Alliance, where he directs the development and manufacturing of custom Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Epitaxy Reactors.

Before co-founding ARCED Alliance Eric has been a serial entrepreneur and business executive with over 20 years experience in the semiconductor industry and in design and fabrication of mechanical and electrical systems.  He has led a team to design and fabricate a revolutionary type of Hot Wall CVD Epitaxy Reactor at LAST (Lawrence Advanced Semiconductor Technologies).  With his background in sustainable design he also founded the company Design Solutions Limited that designs and manufacturers sustainable solutions for the Semiconductor Industry to improve performance and yield while reducing cost and waste of components and consumables.

Scott Yee

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Executive Managing Member, Technologist, R&D Engineer

BSE Aerospace Engineering

Scott is a Co-Founder at ARCED Alliance and an Arizonan native, he has worked primarily in Research and Design Engineering for over 20 years. His technical expertise range in the fields of: Aerospace Systems, Semiconductor Equipment, Embryonic Optics/Photonics and Consumer Product Marketing.

Before co-founding ARCED Alliance, Scott has been a serial entrepreneur and consultant.  He has worked as a top researcher at Boeing’s Phantom Works and worked on development teams as a project manager and engineer for numerous aerospace projects.  Scott has also worked in fields of composites, solid state lighting systems, photovoltaics, automotive design, unmanned aerial vehicle development and consumer product development.

Ryan Brown

Production Manager, Integration Engineer

BSE Electrical Systems Engineering

Ryan is a Production Manager at ARCED Alliance, where he leads the production team of engineers and technicians building custom CVD Reactor Equipment.  Ryan has over 18 years experience in the Semiconductor industry with vast experience in production, maintenance and design of CVD Reactors.

Before working at ARCED Alliance, Ryan has worked in both production in CVD Fabs and as an engineer on a design team for new reactors at LAST (Lawrence Advanced Semiconductor Technologies).  He has also been a Project Manager and Licensed Commercial Electrician.