About Us

ARCED Alliance started with the primary purpose of creating components and equipment for the semiconductor industry that builds on existing proven technologies and systems with improvements that make them more sustainable, durable, lower cost and easier to use.  From this initial idea a company was created to first produce evolutionary technology advancements and later transition to revolutionary new technology advancements in semiconductor manufacturing.


We enjoy the challenge to make technology more sustainable, durable, functional, lower cost, easier to use and with higher performance.


Of course Beer!  It started with a discussion among a group of friends from a diverse set of technical industries who get together and meet.  The topic ranges like most from casual conversations of how is life to what are you working on and the complaints of things not going well with technologies at work.  Being a group of friends with backgrounds in science, engineering and manufacturing a list of possible solutions begin to form. 


To pontificate is to offer solutions without action.  We formed ARCED Alliance to put our solutions into action.  We methodically solve one problem at a time and aggressively move to the next one.  All with the plan of integrating multiple solutions to create an integrated system.  In order to accelerate our growth ARCED Alliance has partnered with numerous industry suppliers and experts to create the next generation of semiconductor epitaxy equipment.


We first started in a garage, where else does one start a new business.  But we quickly grew from a garage, to a shed, to two shed, to an industrial space and now in a larger industrial space with fabrication facilities and clean room.


Initially we started talking about creating solutions in Late 2015 – Early 2016, but didn’t truly form a plan and started acting on our plan until 2018.


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